Monday, February 23, 2004

I got back to school last night safely, and though I probably should be studying for my History exam this afternoon, I wanted to quickly post something on the weekend.

I had a wonderful time. Not only did I develop in my thinking and speaking skills, I got to know our team better and met some neat people from other colleges. PHC dominated the tournament, of course, winning first place awards in every category possible. Dan and I had a good first tournament. As of Friday night, we were undefeated, but lost Saturday morning ending up with a 4-2 record. We made it to out rounds, but were matched with a superior team from PHC. So we were eliminated by coach's decision. Our speaker points were good - I won the ninth place speaker award and Dan won tenth. Overall, we learned a lot and are looking forward to the next one. Now, back to studying...

Friday, February 20, 2004

I am in Owensboro, KY on my first debate tournament. I am sitting in the hotel room enjoying the free wireless internet. Thank you Ramada. I just want to say, before I go to bed - I LOVE DEBATE!

Daniel Burns is my debate partner and the resolution is as follows: The United States should significantly reduce its foreign military commitments. Our affirmative case is that the US should withdraw all troops from South Korea, redeploy them to the war on terror (relieving the National Guard and reserves) and terminate our mutual defense treaty with SK. We are arguing that the US doesn't need to have troops in South Korea because they can defend themselves and that our plan will 1. lessen North Korea's hostility against the US (because they fear a US invasion as long as our troops are there), 2. relieve the reserves and National Guard, and 3. allow South Korea to develop politically and militarily and become more independent (plus, the people of South Korea don't want us there).

We argued four preliminary rounds this evening. Two affirmative, two negative. Both of our affirmative rounds went very well. In one of the negative rounds, we were arguing against a really idiotic plan so it was easy. The other one wasn't topical (it didn't fulfill the resolution), but we didn't successfully argue that. I feel really good about our presentation and arguments. But we have a lot that we can improve upon. I guess I will know better whether we did very well after I see the ballots and find out whether we break into the out rounds. Whether or not we win, I am having a great time and am learning a lot.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

I'm steamed. There are people on this campus who are on a mission to pressure people to become attached romantically with people of the opposite sex. Specifically, a number of students are planning a Valentine's Day party this weekend and giving people who come as "couples" a major financial discount. This would be OK, if they announced it once and then let it go. I was fine with it after hearing about it twice yesterday evening. But, starting in chapel this morning and continuing all day long until dinner this evening, I have been pressured to attend this event where pairing up is strongly encouraged. To be frank, this is a phenomenon I had hoped to avoid when attending PHC. I am assured by the fact that my closest circle of friends here will not be attending this party and never pressure me in this way.

Otherwise, I'm doing pretty well. My Latin exam went very well and it was good to finally have math class this morning. We've missed six hours of the class because the last two Tuesday mornings, classes have been cancelled because of the weather. So, the professor is having to cut things and speed things up. But I think it will work out.

We are releasing the first episode of Hitman: Season Two this evening. It is a prequel that explains the background of the very first episode of the show. The best part is when the director (played by Jeremiah) meets with his brother (also played by Jeremiah) and you see both of them on the screen at the same time. It's an awesome effect.

Now, I need to study for the Rhetoric quiz tomorrow...and 24 is at 9!