Friday, January 23, 2009

Apple remote pausing live TV on Windows Media Center

I recently installed Windows Vista Ultimate on my MacBook Pro using Boot Camp on Mac OS X Leopard. Then I got a USB TV Tuner for Christmas so I can get free over-the-air HD television. I've been using Windows Media Center to record and watch my shows (similar to TiVo), which is cool in and of itself, but I've been a little annoyed because I've had to get off my couch and walk over to my laptop every time I wanted to pause, fast-forward through commercials, etc.  Yes, I know that I am lazy.

Last night I found the solution. I knew that my Apple Remote worked with Boot Camp to control iTunes on Windows. But I couldn't get it to do anything else except control the overall sound volume. So I found this site: Using your Apple Remote In Bootcamp and it pointed me here: EventGhost. With this program I was able to program my left button to the left key, right button to the right key, and play button to the enter key. Now I can play, pause, fast forward, and rewind my shows (and everything else Media Center has) with my Apple Remote! I still haven't figured out how to reprogram the up, down, and menu keys. If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know.

What shows have I been watching? 24 of course, the Suns games, the Cardinals playoff games, The Office, Law and Order, Monk, and Seinfeld. Of these, Sherri prefers The Office, Law and Order, and Monk, but she graciously lets me watch the others too.

In other news, Sherri and I recently celebrated 1 year of marriage! Being married to her is an incredible blessing from God. We bought a house in Chandler last fall and are excited about hosting the Truth Project in our home on Friday nights this spring,. We are also the Logistics Coordinators of the Arizona Bible Bee event on September 12, 2009. Finally, our church is planting two new churches this year, so we are excited about the Gospel advancing, but sad that we will be seperated from some friends.