Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I am sitting at my new desk, just hanging out before Chapel at 9:30. Yesterday was the first day of class. It started with my only 8 o-clock class in the week, Research & Writing. Like most of the classes on the first day, it was mostly introduction, but that is to be expected I suppose. We were given a short essay assignment and informed that we will be doing a research paper this semester. Chapel was at 10 and everyone dressed formally. Dr. Farris spoke on the Kingdom of God and how much of a priority it was to Christ. He sounded nearly amillenial for a bit, until he mentioned the physical kingdom that's to come. Next was Latin class at 11. Dr. Noe went over the syllabus and we started to practice some pronunciation. This will definately be one of my toughest classes, but challenges are good. Biology was next, another class I'm not looking forward to. However, Dr. Gruenke is a great professor. She seems very technologically minded because of all the material she has posted on the course website. Then I ate lunch, and it was Mexican! Yes! I called home after lunch and took a nap. At 3, I went to History of the US I with Dr. Snyder. It was very short because all we did was go over the syllabus briefly and then take an assessment test. I came back to my desk and studied Latin for a bit. Then we went to dinner. Oh, I want to mention that the cooks are very nice about having something for those of us who don't eat meat (I think there are 3 of us). Thus, the meals have been very good. Daniel and I took a walk after dinner and then I studied Latin until I went to bed around 10.

This morning I studied Biology after QT and Breakfast. I am really enjoying life here, and looking forward to Theology and Logic this afternoon. Now, off to Chapel...

Friday, August 22, 2003

I'm here! I just got my computer set up to get online through the PHC network. It works great. Everything is going very well. I've completed unpacking and setting up my desk.

Galen Thorp, the RA for my wing, led a short Bible study for those of us here last night. It was very encouraging and inspiring.  This morning we had chapel and then computer orientation. After lunch we took the math proficiency exam, which I could not complete (as expected). This afternoon I have library orientation and academic orientation.

There's so much that I could say right now. I'm trying to get used to living here, but so far it is wonderful. The weather is a bit warm, however, and very humid. :( So much for leaving the heat... Anyway, my roommates are great; everyone I've met has been great. The food is OK because they have enough variety for me to find something I like. So I'm trying to prepare myself for school starting Monday. But I'm really looking forward to this semester.

Monday, August 18, 2003

It started on Thursday. My boss took our team out to lunch in honor of my leaving. I was hired that afternoon as a contractor to support our software online while at school. It is a great deal, and I'm very thankful that my relationship with AOP will continue. Friday afternoon the product development department hosted a party to thank me for my work and to say goodbye. They all bought me a PHC jacket, which will be very useful this winter, I'm sure.

Saturday morning I got a haircut. Then, in the afternoon, we went to my sister Kelley's house for my farewell party. A few of my friends, my siblings and their spouses, and my nieces and nephews spent the afternoon and evening swimming, talking, and eating together. It was an enjoyable and relaxing time.

Yesterday morning, I worked at the church library for the last time, at least for a while. At Family Bible Class, the fathers prayed for me, which was a great blessing. They also gave me the book The Purpose Driven Life, a book I've wanted to read for a while. Later that afternoon, I met with my discipleship group and they prayed for me as well. It's been a weekend of goodbyes.

This morning I went to the MVD and got my driver's license, finally. I had to take the written test, and the driving test. They had me parallel park...on the left side! It was a little different than I had practiced. But I passed. A little later, my mom and I went to a suit shop and I picked out a three-piece navy suit. Dad and mom bought it for me as a going-away/birthday present. It is a good and versatile suit.

Tomorrow is packing...

Friday, August 08, 2003

It's been over a week, so I suppose I should post something. Not much is going on right now. Dad and I are alone at home because Naomi and Mom are at the TeenPact National Convention. My nephew's birthday party is tonight, and tomorrow we're helping my sister move.

At work, we are rebuilding the AuthorTool, and it's a lot more WYSIWYG than the one I built a year ago. Much more solid code, too. I only have 5 more working days left; next Friday is my last day. Dad got a new job at Insight, he's now a "Processor of Special Pricing." I think it has something to do with accounting and getting customers the lowest price possible.

I finished reading Till We Have Faces and agree with Luz, it is amazing. I also read The Silent Planet and Perelandra, the first two books in Lewis's space trilogy. I'm in the middle of That Hideous Strength (the third) and have enjoyed these stories very much.

I continue to look forward to PHC and am starting to seriously think about what I should pack. I'm attempting to prepare myself for the impending academic rigor. I really want to establish good study habits this first semester, and be excellent in all that I do.