Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sermon by Jason Hansen on Romans 6:20-23

1. Who we were.
Seemingly free to do whatever made me happy. But the fruit was shame, guilt and inward slavery. And the end of slavery to sin is death. We earn death for our sin, like earning $$ for a job.

2. Who we are.
Free from sin and slaves of God.
We get eternal life as a gift. No earning; no wages.  Not a gift for a birthday or for Christmas. This is a FREE gift with no expectation, no strings attached.

Why should I live for Jesus?
For the same reason the blind man who Jesus healed should open his eyes and see. Because we have been changed and now we can.

Two mistakes:
- Thinking too little of sin. I don't need Jesus for my little problems.
- Thinking too much of sin. My sin is bigger than Jesus. At some point forgiveness will run out.
Jesus is both a deep sea diver, finding and rescuing us from every sin, and a great mountain climber, conquering the greatest and worst sins in us.