Friday, October 29, 2004

Well, it's been a while. I have a few minutes, so I thought I'd type up a little something. As of yesterday, I'm now 22 years old. I had a great birthday, and got exactly what I wanted. The fall semester of my Sophomore year is going fine. I am keeping up with my classes pretty well - and enjoying them, especially Principles of Biblical Reasoning and Freedom's Foundations.

I'm actually typing this from a hotel near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am one of about 50 students working for the RNC promoting Bush for the weekend before the election. We are watching Back to the Future. Tomorrow morning we start bright and early walking neighborhoods to remind people to vote. I'm looking forward to a fun weekend with friends away from school and homework. I do need to read The Death of Ivan Ilych for Lit class though. Oh well.

Rachel and I did some swing dancing a few minutes ago in the hotel lobby. She had never done it before, so I showed her the basic step and turn. It was fun. It was the first time since I came to school that I've been able to dance. The Hoedown is in about a week, we just found out, so that should be fun. Except they usually don't have swing dancing.

Anyway, I think I'll get off now. There's a lot going on with me that I haven't mentioned, but if you want to know you'll have to contact me privately. I need to get some sleep tonight; it's going to be a tiring weekend.