Friday, May 27, 2005

I took my sister Naomi to the prom on Wednesday night. It was a fun experience. I felt a little old because most of the people there were high school juniors and seniors. It was also a bit strange that even though it was a homeschool prom put on by Christians, they had a secular DJ who played pop/hip hop/rap stuff. You know, the kind that it's hard to imagine a Christian way to dance to? Anyway, Naomi and I swing danced to most of the songs we didn't know how to dance to, and thankfully they played some other styles including a few swing songs, and some contra dancing ones too. The atmosphere was very elegant, and the food was very good. Naomi, thank you for coming with me. You were beautiful.


Monday, May 23, 2005

Recent events in my life:

5/11/05 1:23pm – I sent in my final Latin paper, completing my fourth semester at Patrick Henry College.

5/14/05 6:00pm – After waiting seven hours at the airport with Sherri (hours that included watching 24, listening to a Bob Donahue sermon, swing dancing, and having a smoothie J), we found out that our flight was cancelled so we had to leave Sunday morning.

5/15/05 1:30pm – We finally made it to Sky Harbor Airport after sitting apart on a bumpy entertainment-less flight from Detroit to Phoenix. Our luggage had already arrived on an earlier flight. Sherri met her family and went home. Dad picked me up and took me straight to my niece’s birthday party that afternoon.

5/16/05 8:30am – I started work back at and began fixing bugs in their school version of SOS2.0.

5/16/05 7:00pm – My family volunteered for CAP dinner with John Ashcroft. I got to meet him and hear him speak. He is funny!

5/19/05 6:30am – Naomi and I drove to Yuma and picked up Sherri. We drove straight to Santa Clarita, CA to visit Daniel and see Revenge of the Sith.

5/19/05 4:15pm – We arrived late, so we had to go straight to the movie theatre. We walked in just as the Lucasfilm logo came on the screen!

5/19/05 6:45pm – The end. Wow! Aside from the bad dialogue and Buddhist theology, that was a great show! Being a light-saber fight fan, I enjoyed it probably more than any of the others. Nice finish Lucas.

5/19/05 10:30pm – We decided that one day wasn’t enough for the length of the drive, so we called home and got permission to stay until Saturday.

5/20/05 6:00pm – After a day at the mall with Daniel and Gina, Sherri, Naomi and I went with Brandon to the college group at his church for the evening while Daniel took his parents to Star Wars. The night turned out to be spiritually encouraging, and Brandon’s driving was fearfully exhilarating. J

5/21/05 5:30pm – After Naomi and I dropped off Sherri and said our goodbyes, we came home and joined a big party with my dad’s extended family.

5/23/05 9:00pm – 24 Season Four is now over – the two-hour season finale was great.


There. I posted. Back to living…