Friday, August 27, 2004

It has been one week since I was dropped off at Sky Harbor Airport to
fly to Washington Dulles Airport for another year at PHC. I can't describe all that's happened
in my life over this first week of the semester, especially because I have Freedom's
reading to do before chapel. It should be pretty easy, though; it's
just chapters of Scripture.

But I do feel obligated to post at least something of what my life back
at college is like. There are many layers and aspects to life. I will
touch on some of the surface first, and then attempt to go a little
deeper. School, as in the thing I'm supposed to be doing here, is going
fairly well. I am excited about my classes, especially Freedom's
Foundations and Principles of Biblical Reasoning (although PBR will be
easy since I went to Worldview Academy.) Latin will be the biggest
challenge, of course, but that's ok. It's worth it. I went to the first
debate meeting last night. It looks like Dan and I will be novice
partners again and the value resolution this season is "Resolved:
Separation of Church and State is being inappropriately eroded." That
should be interesting. I started work as a security officer this week.
I'm not sure if I'm a very good one, but I hope it will be what I
expect: an easy way to get paid a few bucks to study/hang out. :)

On a social level, my first week as a Sophomore has been filled with
meeting some of the 101 new students and trying to re-bond with those I
already knew. I am very impressed with the new students and look
forward to getting to know them more. As always, the community here is
remarkably committed to pursuing good and true things, and this is joy
to me. Right now I'm conflicted inside as I consider those around me
that I care about. I am encouraged and happy about some things, but
concerned and saddened by others. Things are different now. Some things
are good and better; some things are bad and worse. But my hope is
unwavering that the Lord will work out the good in everything. I
rejoice in His faithfulness and love towards me. I feel so blessed by
so many things and am often ashamed at the lack of gratitude I express
in view of that. Thank you God. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! One of
my ongoing struggles is to trust God in the midst of blessing. I know
that I'm dependant on Him, but I can often forget how helpless I am
when things go so well. I foolishly take my eyes off the source of all
good things and relax in myself. It is there that I fail, and I pray
that God would remind me of my dependence on Him just as much as I
need. I acknowledge my dependence on Him to make me dependant on Him.

I hope to post again soon, but don't promise anything. Life is more than blogs.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Fall 2004 Class Schedule

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
8:00am - Western Literature II
11:00am - Freedom's Foundations
3:00pm Latin III

Tuesday, Thursday
1:30pm History of the Western World I
3:00pm Principles of Biblical Reasoning

Last evening I was very privileged to finish viewing the film Pride and Prejudice. I must say, I do not know if I have seen such a delightful blend of witty dialogue, superb acting, and beautiful scenery and sets on a movie before. Furthermore, the story was engaging and obviously the epitome of romance. Indeed there is nothing I can say against this film. I think my favorite part about it is the way that the characters speak. The height of intellectual courtesy was extremely humorous at times, and inspiring otherwise. The only part of movie that I did not enjoy was when it had to end. I cannot wait to see it again, and would also like to read the book soon.

I finished reading the Chronicles of Narnia for the first time yesterday as well. This book series is unmatched in my experience of fantasy literature, except perhaps by Lewis's own space trilogy. It is such an enjoyable and deeply spiritual collection of stories. I think my favorite books were probably The Magician's Nephew, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and The Last Battle.

In twelve days I will be flying to Virginia and I must admit that I look forward to that day with much anticipation. As much as I have enjoyed this time at home, the heat is beginning to get to me. But it isn't only the weather at school that I'm looking forward to. I've said it before, and I'll continue to say it. The people who have become my closest friends comprise the number one reason I smile when I think of college. I have gotten to know a few people better here in AZ this summer, but my friends at school are closer to me for obvious and expected reasons - time in close proximity being the chief. I will miss my family, however, especially Naomi. She is such a good sister. I will also miss my nieces and nephew. I was glad yesterday to be able to finally play with one of my nieces without her being too afraid of me. She wasn't used to me early this summer, because I obviously wasn't around much. But now she seems to have warmed up to me. :)

I received my class schedule this week and will post it. I will be asking the registrar to change my Western Literature II section because I had asked for a different time with a different professor. If I believed that the section I asked for had actually filled up before my form was submitted, I would not be complaining. But after talking to other students I do not believe that this is true. It would be really nice if they switched me because I like the other professor, and I don't like classes at eight o-clock in the morning. Other than that, I am happy with what they gave me and look forward to setting myself to learning the assigned subjects.