Monday, December 22, 2003

Well, I'm home for Christmas. My finals went very well and my trip home was fine. I will be getting my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow and will probably be working for two weeks at AOP starting next week. Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 13, 2003

I forgot to say this. My class schedule is set for next semester. Here are my classes:

Algebra & Trigonometry for Physics
Theology of the Bible II
Latin II
Western Literature I
History of the United States II

It's 18 credits, which is one more than I did this semester but I think I can handle it. It sure will be different without Biology and R&W. Much better without R&W. ;)

My last class of the semester ended yesterday afternoon. I am glad to be moving on, but have really enjoyed learning what I learned this semester. All my papers are turned in, quizzes are taken, and most of the proficiency tests are over. They all went pretty well. Next hurdle: FINALS. So I'll be studying all today and Monday, focusing on History, Latin, and Logic.

Even with all the papers and quizzes, Daniel was able to shoot two final (for this season) episodes of Hitman over the last week. They resolve the story, to some extent, and are the best episodes so far. I think so at least. The fifth episode includes a great fight scene between the Hitman (Daniel) and Red Fox (Me). Last night and this morning Daniel is finishing up editing episode six, so it can be premiered at the cast party tonight. We have about 40 people involved in the show (mostly actors) and will be celebrating tonight by watching all six episodes and some outtakes as well. Anyway, Hitman has been a good outlet for our creative side and a needed break from studying.

Now I'm looking forward to finishing my last final on Friday afternoon and going to see Return of the King Friday night. And one week from today I'll be getting on a plane bound for Phoenix! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Thursday, December 04, 2003

It's 28 degrees outside and supposed to snow in the next couple of days. Brrrrrr!

Yes, I am back and have been all week. I just haven't taken the time to post anything. My Thanksgiving break was great. I spent most of my time playing video games with Daniel, watching TV, and hanging out with Daniel's family. We went to a steakhouse for our big meal on Thursday and I had ravioli, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. I also took my first taste of wine - three sips - and it wasn't that appealing to me. It tasted like grape juice mixed with rubbing alcohol, I guess because that's sort of what it is. Anyway, dinner was good, except for the service at the restaurant. The poor waiter couldn't get the orders right and took forever to bring some of the meals. Oh well.

On Saturday, we took a train into New York City and walked around for a couple of hours. We walked down 34th Street, up Broadway, through Times Square, to Rockefeller Center. The tree was big, but the lights weren't on. The sidewalks were extremely crowded, so we had an interesting time getting through. Oh, we also went into the Toys R Us at Times Square which is three stories high and has an indoor ferris wheel! We had very good pizza as well. The weather was cold, but not unbearable.

I've been working on papers and getting through the second-to-last week of regular classes. Tuesday was my Theology presentation and my topic was the atonement. I tackled the controversial debate over the extent of the atonement and I think it went very well. Now my next hurdles are my Logic paper on Locke and my Research and Writing paper on Internet piracy.

My fingers are now more comfortable typing on a Dvorak keyboard layout than a QWERTY. It has slowed me down temporarily, but I'm confident that it will improve my speed in the long run.

Well, I better get to studying. I'm reading Alvin Plantinga this morning for Logic class. It should be interesting.