Monday, February 19, 2007

What's going on in Paul's life?

- Job/internship as applications developer for The Center for Arizona Policy
- Job as software developer for ESS, a Microsoft-partnered provider of Emergency Health & Safety and Crisis Management Software
- MacBook Pro, free after 18 online offers, $116, and a lot of hassle (don't tell ESS I have a Mac...:)
- Trips to PHC to visit Sherri in our last semester
- Joining SG-Gilbert and loving twentyfour-seven
- Trying to build some muscle weight
- Thanking God for His grace and enjoying Him more and more

Right now I'm actually in VA, and tomorrow is the Faith and Reason lecture with Dr. Smith. It's so good to be back and hang out with everyone, but I'm very glad I'm done with school, at least for a while. God has been blessing me immensely, as always, and I'm doing my best to trust and wait on Him for what's coming next.