Sunday, April 11, 2004

Christus Dominus hodie resurrexit! (Christ the Lord has risen today!) Greetings and salutations. May God be praised for His overflowing blessings of grace in my life! Here is a summary of my life in the last week or so:

Things are going pretty well with school. In Latin, I'm keeping up with the concepts though I'm a bit behind on memorizing the vocabulary. In Rhetoric, I am enjoying hearing student speeches and have finished writing the forensic speech I will give on Wednesday. In History, I took an exam that went OK, and am now writing a research paper on Barry Goldwater. In Algebra, I took an exam that went really well and I feel pretty comfortable with what is being taught. In Western Lit, I don't get a lot of the meanings in these deep books but I'm attempting to enjoy them anyway and will need to start writing about them soon. In Theology, we've been studying the church and I need to start thinking about my ten-page research paper which is due at the end of this month. Yikes, I have a lot to write.

My time with friends has been a joy. A group of about ten of us are really growing closer to one another and are meeting weekly to pray together. It has been a huge blessing as we encourage one another to focus on God throughout the week. Another episode of Hitman is about to be released, and this one is eleven and a half minutes long!

My relationship with God has been developing slowly for the last week or so. While I have spent time in His Word and prayer, I have not focused on applying His Word like I should. I have been convicted just recently by reading the PHC Student Covenant and Honor Code and am praying that God would enable me to honor Him more in all areas of my life. Pray for me, friends, that I would spend a large amount of time focusing on God even as I enter these next few stressful weeks.

This four-day weekend has been a nice break from classes, but I still have a lot to do tomorrow. Today I'm celebrating the resurrection, though, because Christ the Lord has risen today...Alleluia!