Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sermon by Jon Payne on John 13


Update on Redemption Hill Church in Round Rock, TX

Nearly 2 year anniversary. People getting affected by the gospel.


John 13:1-17






Angel to Gideon in Veggie Tales: If you want to hear "well done," you are going to have to DO.


  1. WATCH Jesus as He serves. Watch until you worship.
    • Suffering. Foot washing is symbolic of the cross.
    • Love. His love is to the end. There is no break. No "love for me time."
    • Betrayal. He serves Judas, and Peter, and all the others who will shortly abandon him.
    • Authority. Biblical authority is having all things and still choosing to lay it aside and serve in the lowest position.
    • Glory. The God that Isaiah says perfect Angels are ashamed to have Him see their feet is now washing the feet of sinners.
    • Dirt. This was the worst of service opportunities. Gross.
    • The only thing lower and worse than washing feet was crucifixion.


Christians reflect the servant of God who already saved them. Christians do NOT save themselves by reflecting the servant of God.


  1. RECEIVE service from Jesus.
    • Jesus to Peter: You cannot repay me. You just have to receive. Once I have washed you, you are completely clean. Don't forget that you had to receive what only I could give.
    • Our mission is never the most important thing about our churches. Jesus' mission is the most important thing.
    • Receive the cleansing that only Jesus can give! Receive His forgiveness!
    • A servant is not greater than his Master.
    • If we do not serve to the end of our strength, we are saying that we should not have to do what He did.
    • It is not watch, receive, and then don't worry about reflect because it will just happen. This is not the pattern of Scripture. God's expectation is for us to actively reflect.
    • Application.
      • Is suffering an excuse from serving or an occasion for serving? We say "I'm sick so I can't." Jesus said "I'm going to die, so this is when I'll serve."
      • Love. Jesus loves our family and friends to the end. Do we?
      • Have you ever had someone betray you? Can you imagine serving them like Jesus served Judas and Peter?
      • In your positions of authority, do you serve in the dirtiest jobs in order to love others?
      • Do you serve those with embarrassing sins, embarrassing temptations, embarrassing defects, awkward, shameful weaknesses? Or do you distance yourself from those who are dirty?







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