Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sermon by Rich Richardson on Luke 19:28-44


Palm Sunday


Riding in on a donkey = announcing himself as king


  1. How people respond to Jesus.
    Jesus is the Great Pilgrim from heaven to Jerusalem.
    Why all the donkey details? It was prophesied that the king would come on a donkey. (Zech. 9:9)
    The people took Psalm 118 and applied it to Him as king.
    How do we respond to Jesus? Do we follow this king?
    The Pharisees wanted Him to rebuke the people. But He would not and claimed authority over the stones.
    Anyone who misses Jesus has a heart of stone.
  2. How Jesus responds to people.
    He wept over the city.


How should we respond?

  • Weep in private for those who do not believe.
  • Rejoice in public that Jesus is reigning and saves.

Jesus washes stained sinners not with tears, but with His blood.

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