Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sermon by Rich Richardson on Romans 3:27-31

1. Why warn us against boasting?

Read the Bible like a 3 year old. Ask lots of questions. And then ask more.
Why go from justification to a warning against boasting? Because we are apt to be proud of what we have even though it has all been given to us. Even Christians can be proud of who we are before God. It is not a danger, it is THE danger.
The justified need to work to be humble. Humility is a discipline, not a gift. Humility is the discipline of self-forgetfulness.

2. Why is boasting dangerous?

When Christ died for us, He shut out God's wrath. Now we must shut out our pride. 
Faith and pride are opposed to one another. Faith points to Jesus, not to me. Faith is only real when it is faith IN something -- faith IN Christ. Pride is trusting yourself more than Jesus. Pride derives power and worth from self. Faith derives power and worth from God.
Children are humble. Jesus said to become like them.
Boasting is dangerous because it is singing the praises of self. It is antithetical to a life of faith.

3. How can we work to be humble?
Boasting gets muted when we remember what justification by faith means.
Remember what God has done for us. God hasn't promised material possessions or earthly happiness. He has promised to keep those who are His for eternity! God has given us way more than we can imagine. We have the righteousness of Christ!
The flip side of boasting is complaining. Pride boasts when we have and complains when we have not.
Remember God and forget about self.

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